Organisational, group, team and individual psychological consultation sessions are available for a range of social care, educational, health, legal, and early year’s professionals, carers, and parents (we do not take individual or self referral from parents and carers- these need to be organised by an organisation). These consultation sessions draw on a range of psychological expertise, theoretical bases, practical direct working tools, and evidence-based models. They offer a reflective, warm and friendly space, as well as where appropriate, suggested practical real world tools and strategies. They have a trauma, cultural, adversity, and relational lens at the heart.

Types of consultations often include (Not an exhaustive or prescriptive list):

  • consultation to reflect and infuse ideas from training.Including how to keep the momentum going and to breathe life into the concepts.
  • From an organisational perspective, meaningfully working towards embedding adversity/trauma-informed, culturally-responsive, and trauma-responsive practice and principles.
  • trauma-informed assessment.
  • trauma-informed physical environment.
  • trauma-informed leadership.
  • trauma-informed language and words.
  • Reviewing, designing, and/or creating trauma-informed materials, policies, and documents.
  • Setting up trauma informed working groups or panels.
  • trauma-informed supervision and reflective practice. 
  • trauma-informed aspects such as disciplinary processes, recruitment, performance management spaces etc.
  • ways to work more creatively, relationally, and effectively virtually
  • training needs and a training needs assessment 
  • A child’s emotional wellbeing or behavioural presentation.
  • “Placement” issues, transitions, and moves.
  • Considering therapy and assessment options.
  • Exploring the emotions which have been evoked by supporting/parenting a child and family.
  • Wellbeing, regulation, and stress support.
  • staff wellbeing including secondary and vicarious trauma.
  • Intervention planning support such as around life story work.
  • Support around public speaking, setting up privately, or writing a book

These can take place in one-off formats, a series of consultations, or in the form of a whole day where various professionals can access the space. Consultations can be carried out over the phone, virtually, or face-to-face (when safe to do so). Sometimes, we also do document or policy review or commenting on documents including brochures, letter templates, website wording etc.

Consultations are charged at an hourly rate or like many organisations can be bulk bought such as 10 hours of as and when consultation time.

Where appropriate, consultation notes and a summary will be provided to all attendees. This may include follow-up website links, worksheets, and journal articles.

To embed and infuse training we strongly recommend supporting this with additional consultancy. For example, having training in understanding trauma but then having 1-2 hour session/s to reflect on how to infuse the ideas into one’s specific practice.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further- before doing so it is helpful to have reflected on what is needed, aims, hopes, times, focus etc.