Covid, Anxiety, Stress- Resources & Links

Some resources to support children and adults around anxiety, worry, stress, and fears; including specific Covid (this page will be updated on a very regular basis so please keep checking it for new entries. This is not an exhaustive or prescriptive list).

Free videos by Dr Karen Treisman to support relaxation and emotional regulation (please feel free to send in requests as I am happy to create more if possible)

Things to be mindful of:
Firstly, please hold in mind, there is no right or wrong. We are all different and going through changes, reflections, and discoveries a lot of the time. We all have different sensory profiles, needs, preferences, pasts and so forth- so, take your time to choose what will be most helpful to you at this time, or none of them at all, if you just need some space or to do something different- there is no one size fits all. There is a menu of options to give some ideas, but there are many more which you might like to try. Be gentle with yourself and others.

People may be experiencing an array of different feelings, and these might be changing and flowing at different times; as well as soaking in other people’s feelings and sensations.

1. Hand or star breathing-

2. Sensory, grounding, soothing, and regulating box-

3. Muscle tensing and releasing tool-

4. Left and right body breathing-

5. Rhythm and butterfly breathing-

6. Externalising worry through worry dolls, worry plaques etc-

7. Soaking in a positive moment- in addition to this, some people might like to write a gratitude diary, or keep a sparkle moments jar or book or box etc-

8. Safe Place exercise- 5 parts will be available on online modules- coming soon

9. Life cheerleaders and supporters- will be available on online modules- coming soon

10. Navigating past obstacles and challenges-will be available on online modules- coming soon

11. Safety and emotional wellbeing planning- will be available on online modules- coming soon.

There are many many more worksheets, tips, tools, and resources in my books and cards (available from amazon and a range of other retailers):

1. Binnie the Baboon- a workbook for anxiety, stress, worries, and fears-

2. Presley the Pug- a workbook for relaxation, calm and emotional regulation-

3. Therapeutic Treasure Deck of grounding, regulating, soothing, and coping cards-

4. Neon the ninja focusing on nightmares, sleep difficulties, and night terrors-

Online modules and webinars will be released soon- so please keep checking the website or our social media for updates.

Podcasts or videos which might be useful at this time: (for general podcasts about trauma please see recommendations under my links, worksheets and podcast page).

1. Karen Treisman discussing how the current situation might evoke and re-trigger past traumas- and worksheets around survival skills and patterns- and on an organisational level-
2. Karen Treisman discussing loss amidst the coronavirus-coming soon-
3. Bruce Perry-
4. Guy Mcpherson and Bruce Perry-
5. Guy Mcpherson and Peter Levine-
6. Gabor Mate and Russell Brand-
7. Gabor Mate and Thomas Hubl-
8. Dan Hughes- talking about Covid and children who have experienced trauma-
9. Karen Treisman and Lisa Cherry- coming soon
10. Madeleine Black about Covid-
11. Managing stress in the workplace-Jerry Colonna and Camille Preston –

12. Stephen Porges about covid-

13. Autism and covid-

14. Janina Fisher on covid-

15. A song from beacon house- take what you need-

16. Bessel Van der Kolk podcast about covid-

17. Jennifer King webinar-

18. Fran Waters interviewed by Guy McPherson-

Useful links for adults and children (by no means exhaustive or prescriptive, and not in a particular list):

Trauma-informed values and principles applied to the current covid situation written by Dr Karen Treisman- trauma informed values in covid

Downloadable child friendly explanation about coronavirus- and Some lovely illustrated stories from the Australian Childhood Foundation about corona and hugs- and

Talking to kids about coronavirus- 2 useful blogs- And

A book for children about coronavirus-

Resources from beacon house about covid, developmental trauma, attachment and much more- and on survival mode-

Trauma-informed Oregon-Trauma-informed response to Covid-  and and

Resources from Bruce Perry and the Neurosequential model-

Some info about coronavirus and anxiety for young people-

Some info for adults about coronavirus and anxiety-

Resources for managing stress in a pandemic-

SAMSHA- Lots of resources and downloads-

Living in uncertain times-

Looking after yourself and your family during coronavirus-

NHS and anxiety-

For those interested in CBT resources-

Some self-care resources from Buffalo Social Work-

A blog by Dr Liz Gregory- and one based on teenagers during lockdown-

Some resources around disaster responses-

Some resources about panic and worry from Narrative Therapy-

Some resources from the BPS-

I have a question resource for children-

Useful article in the guardian normalising people’s responses-

Trauma-informed response for covid-

Covid related grief and bereavement resources- and

Covid trauma working group-

Covid response from mad in America- non pathologising responses-

Some theraplay resources which can be done virtually-

Some guidelines for social workers during this time-