Online Training and Modules

Online working and service options:

Dr Treisman in response to request and due to the pandemic has been offering an array on online and virtual services. Including webinars, coffee morning sessions, Q and A sessions, podcasts, virtual keynotes, workshops and facilitating reflective spaces and forums. We also can create tailor made videos and podcasts. The topics offered vary and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Karen is mindful of offering topics that are safe and meaningful virtually; and which optimise people’s engagement with the material in an ethical way. These need to take into account the topic, the context, and what else is going on (e.g. the impact of the pandemic etc).

Dr Treisman does also take commissioned requests for creating service specific modules. Please email for further information. Ideally, we will need to know the size of the organisation. The length you would want it. Whether it will be in-house and protected or shared. And the topic/aims.

Some example 1.5-4 hour virtual workshops which have been popular have included: (these are just to give a flavour- see training page for far more ideas and options)

  1. Individual and organisational stress, trauma and survival responses (Pandemic/ non-pandemic).
  2. An intro to trauma-informed, infused, and responsive supervision and reflective practice spaces.
  3. An intro into creative and expressive ways for talking about feelings.
  4. An intro to emotional regulation tools.
  5. An intro for all about me exercises and activities- getting to know the unique person.
  6. An intro into creative and expressive ways for strengthening people’s self-esteem, strengths, and confidence.
  7. An introduction to working virtually in a more creative way.
  8. An intro to creating creative wellbeing, safety, and coping plans.
  9. An intro to trauma-informed assessments.
  10. Trauma-informed leadership.
  11. Trauma-informed physical environments, buildings and spaces.
  12. Supporting children with transitions.
  13. Therapeutic endings and goodbyes.
  14. The power of language.
  15. Behaviour is communication.
  16. Understanding triggers and hotspots.
  17. Intro to the impact of trauma on the brain.
  18. An intro into grief and loss.
  19. An intro into cultural humility.
  20. An intro into sleep difficulties.
  21. Using my therapeutic treasure resources such as my therapeutic treasure deck of cards and my children’s workbooks.

Online modules:

New Online module on supporting children and teens around grief, bereavement, death, and loss. Frequently Asked Questions about the course including pricing and what it covers is found here- Link to the actual module click here- 

Dates for the post Q and A sessions for those who have completed the grief module coming soon.

New Online module on the bestselling Presley the Pug: emotional regulation, emotional literacy, relaxation and finding calm– featuring the safe place exercise, sensory boxes and much more! FAQ found here (please read before signing up-presley the pug-Information and FAQ and the course itself is available here-

Coming very soon:

Trauma informed assessments/ trauma-informed supervision/ trauma-informed physical environment. And Coming soon depending on need and request- Online modules on Binnie the Baboon (anxiety, stress, fears, and worries), Cleo the Croc (anger in the context of abuse- those who understandably struggle to trust and to let others in), Gilly the Giraffe (self-esteem, confidence, and belief), and Neon the Ninja (nightmares and sleep difficulties).

We are also hoping to create some trauma, adversity, and culturally informed, infused, and responsive organisational modules.

Training events (online and virtual)

Please note the majority of my events are commissioned for organisations and teams. So these are public ones. My free videos and podcasts are found on other pages in this website.

Some tips by Dr Karen Treisman around attending virtual events- Some top tips and ideas for attending a virtual event

Forthcoming public virtual events (the majority are commissioned by specific organisations and teams):

Transitions in the context of covid- 4th August 2020-

A summer program with Lisa Cherry and Karen Treisman- 4 evening events can be purchased separately

An intro into understanding the needs of unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people- 26th September 2020- 

Intro to emotional regulation tools- 3 hour workshop- 8th October 2020-through nscience-

When words are not enough virtual conference- I will be talking about triggers and hotspots- October 10th 2020-

The power of language half day- 17th October 2020-

Behaviour is communication half day- 17th October 2020-

The therapeutic treasure box in the context of trauma- 5th-7th November 2020-

An introduction into trauma-informed organisations- 5th December 2020-

Expressive and creative ways for talking about feelings- 20th Feb 2021-

Creative tools for emotional regulation- 21st feb 2021- goes very well with previous course-

Transitions and moving on- May 15th 2021-

Grief and loss- supporting children and teens- 25th and 26th Sept 2021-

Past virtual events:

Sleep difficulties in the context of covid- 11th June 2020-

Individual and organisational stress, trauma, and survival responses- Saturday 4th July 2020-