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Please find on this page details of Dr Treisman’s books and cards. You can also directly purchase Neon the Nightmare Ninja cuddly toy from this page. Worksheets and free resources are also available on this page.


The bestselling “Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma: Creative Activities and Tools” by Dr Karen Treisman (September, 2017) is available to purchase from a range of stockists including Amazon, Waterstones, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, and Foyles)


Like a treasure box, this resource overflows with valuable resources – information, ideas and techniques to inspire and support those working with children who have experienced relational and developmental trauma.

Drawing on a range of therapeutic models including systemic, psychodynamic, trauma, sensory, neurobiological, neurocognitive, attachment, cognitive behavioural, and creative ideas, Dr Karen Treisman explains how we understand trauma and its impact on children, adolescents, and their families. She details how it can be seen in symptoms such as nightmares, sleeping difficulties, and behavioural and emotional dysregulation.

Theories and strategies are accompanied by a treasure trove of practical, creative, and ready-to-use resources including over 100 illustrated worksheets and handouts, top tips, recommended sample questions, and photographed examples.

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karen“Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in children and adolescents” by Dr Karen Treisman (2016) is available from a range of stockists including Amazon, Waterstones, Routledge, and Foyles)

Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents focuses on the multi-layered complex and dynamic area of trauma, loss and disrupted attachment on babies, children, adolescents and on the systems around them. The book explores the impact of relational and developmental trauma and toxic stress on children’s bodies, brains, relationships, behaviours, cognitions, and emotions.

The book draws on a range of theoretical perspectives through reflective exercises, rich case studies, practical applications and therapeutic strategies. With chapters on wider organisational and systemic dynamics, strength-based practices and the intergenerational transmission of relational trauma; Dr Treisman provides a holistic view of the pervasive nature and impact of working with trauma.

Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents will be of interest to professionals working with children and families in the community, in-patient, school, residential, and court-based settings, including Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, and students.

A Therapeutic Treasure Deck- Sentence Completion Treisman - a therapeutic treasure deck COVERand Feelings Cards (Available from JKP or from

syAVokWwRvyl6UKBkcxh%g_thumb_25b2The perfect tool to add to any ‘therapeutic treasure box’, this set of 68 cards provide a way to help open conversations and structure discussions with children and adolescents aged 6+.

The treasure deck offers a fun, non-threatening way to help to build understanding and forge relationships. It also provides a safe, playful way for children to articulate and make sense of their feelings, thoughts, experiences and beliefs. The deck comes with two different types of card – the ‘feelings cards’ and the ‘sentence-completion cards’ – which can be used separately or together, and the cards are accompanied by a booklet which explains some of the different ways in which they can be therapeutically used.

A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Grounding, Soothing, Coping and Regulating Cards (Therapeutic Treasures Treisman - a therapeutic treasure deck of grounding 9781785925290Collection)- Available from JKP or from

A pack of 70 cards and explanatory guide offers a playful, non-threatening way to explore explore feelings, and to form effective coping, regulating, soothing, and grounding strategies through a range of games and activities. Designed to work with both the brain and body, the cards address a wide range of common issues including anxiety, stress, low mood, sleep difficulties and emotional dysregulation. To do so, they employ a range of proven strategies including cognitive techniques, nurturing activities, sensory strategies, body-based activity and creative exercises.

Neon the Nightmare and Nighttime Ninja: A Creative Therapeutic Workbook to Support Children who are having Difficulties with Nightmares and Sleeping Children Aged 5-10 httpsTreisman - Neon Ninja - Cover DRAFT 6 (1):// .fullsizeoutput_39ab

Neon the Ninja has a very special job. He looks after anyone who finds the night time scary. Lots of us have nightmares, but Neon loves nothing more than using his special ninja powers to keep the nightmares and worries far away, and to keep the magical dreams and positive thoughts close by.

This story, activity, and guide book combines a fun illustrated story to show children how Neon the Ninja can reduce their nightmares and night worries with fun activities and therapeutic worksheets to make night times feel safer and more relaxed. This workbook contains a treasure trove of explanations, advice, and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals. Based on creative, narrative, sensory, and CBT techniques, it is full of tried and tested exercises, tips and techniques to aid and alleviate nightmares and sleeping difficulties. This is a must-have for those working and living with children aged 5-10 who experience nightmares or other sleep-related problems. Watch a video about Neon here!

neon and camden 1

neon and camden 2

fullsizeoutput_4400Neon the Nightmare and Night time Ninja Soft Cuddly Toy

Sold as a separate item. You can purchase your very own 14 Inch super soft colourful Neon the Nightmare, Worry, and Night time Ninja cuddly toy as seen here in the photographs below using PayPal. The perfect accompaniment to the workbook, or a brilliant standalone item. To add to the magic, Neon has his very own special velcro pocket, so that children can write down, draw, and/or lock away their worries, fears, and nightmares. Alternatively, they can also choose to write down or draw their dreams, hopes, and wishes; and Neon will then keep them safe, close by, and protected. The perfect companion for any child.


Gilly the Giraffe Discovers That Different is Cool: A Creative Therapeutic Workbook to Help Build Self-Esteem

IMG_1728 in Children Aged 5-10-

Even though Gilly the Giraffe has many wonderful things in her life, she sometimes lacks confidence. Why does she have to stand out so much with her long neck, her long black tongue and her mosaic patches? Why do some of the other animals point and laugh at her? Can it be possible to be different and to be cool?

This activity book developed by  child psychologist Dr Karen Treisman combines a colourfully illustrated therapeutic story about Gilly the Giraffe to help start conversations, which is followed by a wealth of creative activities for children to explore and build upon some of the ideas raised in the story, and beyond! The activities are accompanied by extensive advice and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals on how to help children aged 5-10 boost their self-esteem, self-belief, and confidence.


Cleo the Snappy Crocodile Discovers His Smile: A Creative Therapeutic Workbook for Children Aged 5-10 Who Are Afraid to Get Close- cover cleo the Crocodile - Cover RGB

Cleo the Crocodile loved having fun with all of the other animals, until Hogan the Hippo started being mean, even though Hogan was meant to look after Cleo. Scared of being hurt again, Cleo had to leave the swamp, and he swung, snapped and stared at all the others animals so that he would be left alone. Would he ever be happy again and make friends? How would he feel safe and ready for new adventures? This activity book and workbook developed by expert child psychologist Dr Karen Treisman combines a colourfully illustrated therapeutic story about Cleo the Crocodile to help start conversations about rejection, anger, and relational difficulties- including difficulties with trust and lettings others close. This is followed by a wealth of creative activities for children to explore and build upon some of the ideas raised in the story, and beyond! The activities are accompanied by extensive advice and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals on how to help children aged 5-10 to feel safe, learn to trust more, and to build healthier relationships.

Presley the Pug and his Quest for Calm: A Creative Therapeutic Workbook to Help Children Aged 5-8 with Feelings of Fear– (Available to pre-order from Amazon)

Binnie the Baboon: Anxiety and Stress Activity book- A Therapeutic Story with Creative and CBT Activities to help  Children  Aged 5-8  who worry– (Available to pre-order from Amazon)

Downloadable Worksheets and Resources: (For specific ones on trauma-informed organisations, please see other tab). 

Parenting Patchwork Exercise Worksheet (Taken from the book “Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma by Dr Karen Treisman”)- Parenting Patchwork exercise worksheet

Parenting Patchwork Poster (Reminder post attending training)- Parenting Patchwork Poster (Reminder-After training)

Behaviour as Communication- Behaviour Kaleidoscope of Questions- behaviour as communication- behaviour is a kaleidoscope

Strengths-based appreciative letter– coming soon

When I am feeling unsafe worksheetfeeling safe & putting up defenses

The different organisational elements and areas that trauma-informed principles and values should be infused & woven into- trauma-informed weaving into whole system 

Trauma-informed Building Design and Physical Environment– Creating spaces and buildings which are in line with the values and principles of trauma

Trauma-informed Supervision Crib Sheet- trauma-informed supervision

Trauma-informed Team Meetings Crib Sheet- trauma-informed meetings- Karen Treisman