(These have been anonymised and are collected and submitted by third party organisations)

“Love love love the 2 day training by Dr Karen Treisman. It is not the first time I been in the presence of this woman but I learned so so so much, which was unexpected and a needed surprise. Her approach is like no other I have seen; she truly explores trauma and the work from so many angles, and in such a real and easy to understand way. This course will undoubtedly help my practice and my own parenting! It is the first time in a long time I have felt energised and excited about the work. She is so down to earth and there is no waffling- what she packs in into a short amount of time is amazing. We all felt so engaged and she even made talking about trauma fun and lighthearted, the balloons and puppets helped:) Thank you Dr T” (Family Support Practitioner).

“We were hooked from her first sentence to her last over a whole 2 days! There was so many lightbulb moments. Her style is exceptional and her passion and experience oozes out. She speaks a lot about concepts like serve and return and being attuned and responsive, and modelling the model; and wow she certainly did this. The team were buzzing after her visit and we can’t wait to have her back to Ireland” (Manager of a residential home)

“This was the most inspiring and energetic day I have ever been to. It made me excited about the work which I will be doing, and invested in understanding trauma more. Nothing short of amazing” (Social worker in training)

“I have heard the attachment and trauma theory many times before, however, the way Karen presented it and the examples she used was by far the best I have seen. Hands down 6 stars!!! This was an excellent package which should be for everyone who is living with or supporting children who have experienced trauma” (Kinship carer and support worker)

“I recently attended a day workshop on supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people with Safe Hands and Thinking Minds, and I was absolutely blown away. The passion, knowledge, energy, and creativity the presenter used was unbelievable and inspiring. I honestly would go as far as saying the whole nation, especially in current times, needs this training. She used everything from poems, to art, to masks, to puppets, to the latest evidence-base, to case studies- was action-packed and such value- thank you”. (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)

“A phenomenal day, packed with inspiring and take-home ideas, theory, but done in an engaging and accessible way, and moving case studies. I easily trail off in trainings but honestly in this one was hooked and could have listened for much longer” (Designated teacher)

“As a kinship carer we often feel alone, ignored, and misunderstood. The event through grandparentsplus was the complete opposite. It felt so nurturing, fun, inclusive, and validating. It was amazing to be in the room with so many like-minded people. The day was a rollercoaster of emotions, and yet the whole time I felt supported and held. I found the day profound and eye-opening. My only regret is that I wish I would have had this at the beginning of my journey”. (Kinship carer, grandparent, and teacher)

“Karen is the real deal- she gets the work, is a front line practitioner, and truly cares. She has an amazing library of knowledge, and somehow manages to communicate that is a very down-to-earth, human, and meaningful way” (Team manager)

“An unbelievably moving, inspiring, and powerful workshop- left with so many ideas to improve my practice. The delivery was amongst the best I have ever seen- thank you!” (Supervising social worker and adoptive parent)

“Dr Treisman is one of the most passionate and energetic speakers I have had the pleasure of seeing, the whole room was buzzing. She clearly loves what she does, and it shows, we all nicknamed her the dancing psychologist” (Social worker)

“This day once again was the opposite of death by powerpoint. It was so well paced and animated. I found the use of pictures and metaphors brilliant. They really stuck and resonated. We have had Karen to our team 3 times, and each time is so valuable, worthwhile, energetic, and informative. I really feel she gets us to think and her ideas and ways she talks have shaped interventions and our practice directly” (Social work manager)

“As I was an asylum-seeker myself I was sceptical about a session on fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking kids, but I must say I was blown away with the sensitivity, knowledge, and passion which was shown. I wish all foster carers would have this training!” (Foster carer)

 “Karen managed to take really difficult subjects and make them sound manageable and interesting. I not only left with some food for thought, but I also left with actual practical tools which I could try with my child. I can’t wait for her book to be out!” (Adoptive parent)

“Dr Treisman bought the topic alive, she used so many cool resources like puppets and masks; she even somehow made brain science seem interesting and accessible” (Residential worker).

“Karen is a true warm and kind therapist, I honestly felt I could have listened to her for days. As a teacher we rarely get to think on that level about the children we support. This was eye opening, refreshing and extremely informative day” (Teacher).

“The day I attended on strengths and resilience was nothing short of amazing, I am so used to hearing about the doom and gloom of trauma, so to have someone show us the other side of the coin felt special. There was one exercise where there was hardly a dry eye in the house, in a good way” (Supervising social worker”)

“Dr Treisman went above and beyond, she presented to our team on the impact of parental mental health. She spent her breaks and lunch break answering questions and being interested in us and our work, and then post the training sent an abundance of papers and useful handouts- I cannot recommend her highly enough” (Independent Reviewing Officer)

“Karen used so many different techniques from small group discussions, to physical exercises, to creative stuff. She even showed us a range of video clips, and a role play- in another life she should have been a teacher” (Head teacher)